Segundo Ciclo de Conferências – Seminário "Os Judeus em Portugal e na Diáspora" - "Christian Encounters with the Talmud in the Thirteenth Century"

Segundo Ciclo de Conferências – Seminário "Os Judeus em Portugal e na Diáspora" - "Christian Encounters with the Talmud in the Thirteenth Century"

08 março 2018 18:00

conferencia 8 marco cartazO Centro de História da Universidade de Lisboa promove a primeira conferência inserida no Segundo Ciclo de Conferências sobre "Os Judeus em Portugal e na Diáspora", coordenado pelo Professor José Alberto Tavim. A conferência, intitulada "Christian Encounters with the Talmud in the Thirteenth Century", será proferida por Görge K. Hasselhoff (Technical University Dortmund, Institut für Evangelische Theologie Department).

Sobre a conferência:
Since the Talmud had been introduced into the European Jewish world, in the 11th century, Christians got knowledge about it. Whereas, during the 12th century, Christians were on friendly terms with the Jewish exegesis, their attitude changed completely around 1230s when Nicholas Donin, a convert Jew-to-Christian, made the accusation arguing that the Talmud contained blasphemies against Christ and Christianity. For that purpose, he translated about 35 passages from the Talmud. Some years later, friars from the Dominican convent of St Jacques in Paris provided two different Latin translations of c. 1500 passages from the Talmud.
In 1263 another convert, Pau Cristia, discussed publicly with Jews about Jesus as the Messiah and the role of the Talmud. These disputations were accompanied by Ramon Martí’s major work – Pugio Fidei (Dagger of Faith) – that contained, among other texts, more than one hundred of bilingual (Hebrew/Aramaic with Latin translation) quotations from several Talmudic treatises.

Görge K. Hasselhoff
Graduate in Theology, Philosophy and Jewish Studies from Bielefeld, Marburg, Heidelberg and Berlin; research collaborator in Heidelberg and Bonn; PhD in Church History, Heidelberg: Dicit Rabbi Moyses - Studies on the image of Moses Maimonides in Latin Christian literature from the 13th to 15th centuries; research scholar at the KHK Bochum “Dynamics in the History of Religions”; qualified and, currently, adjunct professor at the Technical University Dortmund; several visiting professorships in Potsdam (Germany), Porto Alegre, RS (Brazil), São Leopoldo, RS (Brazil), Barcelona (Catalonia); author of four monographs and editor of fifteen volumes, many articles and reviews.

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