Aquisições recentes:
Ruben Brower, The Fields of Light
Benjamin Buchloh, Formalism and Historicity
Michael Fried, Another Light
Raymond Geuss, A World Without Why
Robin Kelsey, Photography and the Art of Chance
Philip Kitcher, Deaths in Venice
Saul Kripke, Reference and Existence
Jerome McGann, The Poet Edgar Allan Poe
Christy Mag Uidhir, Art and Art-Attempts
Norman Malcom, Dreaming
Fran O' Rourke (ed.) What Happened to Moral Philosophy in the Twentieth Century? Philosophical Essays in Honor of Alasdair MacIntyre
Jerry L. Thompson, Truth and Photography
Jerry L. Thompson, Why Photography Matters
James Turner, Philology. The Forgotten Origins of Modern Humanities
Blakey Vermeule, Why Do We Care about Literary Characters?
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